Angel Aura Quartz


Product – Angel Aura Quartz Specimen


Keywords:  Upliftment, Peace, Serenity, Expanded awareness

Element:  Wind

Chakras:  Crown (7th), Etheric (8th and beyond, above the head)


This stone is produced when clear Quartz points or clusters go through a special treatment process in which their surface are bonded with vaporized or finely powdered platinum, silver and other trace metals. The resulting crystals exhibit silvery surface with flashes of brilliant iridescent color. The name Angel Aura Quartz derives from this solor’s likeness to images of the gossamer wings of angels, and from an energetic connection to the Angelic domain.

The hardness of Angel Aura Quartz is 7, and its color layer is permanent. It will not wash or rub off, although saws and grinders can cut through it. The energies of the Quartz, Platinum and silver combine to emanate a unique spectrum of subtle energies.

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