Apache Tears


Product – Apache Tears Specimen


Keywords:  Grounding, Protection, Enjoyment of physical experience, Emotional cleansing

Element:  Earth, Fire

Chakras:  Root (1st), Sexual/Creative (2nd), Heart (4th)


Apache Tears are a variety of Obsidian, a silica rich, glassy volcanic rock with a water content of less than one percent. Its hardness is 5 to 5.5. Apache tears are native to Mexico and the southwest in the United States. Their name derives from a story about an Apache Indian tribe pursued by cavalry. It is said that the warriors were forced over a precipice to their deaths and that the dark tears of grief of the Apache women solidified into the droplet-shaped stones which can be found in that area. Apache Tears are roundish, about ½ inch to one inch in diameter, and are usually semi-transparent and black-brown in color.

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