Prophecy Stone


Product – Prophecy Stone Specimen


Keywords:   Grounding spiritual Light in the physical self and the world, seeing prophetic visions

Element:  Earth

Chakras:  Soul Star (8th), Crown (7th), Third Eye (6th), Earthstar (below the feet)


Prophecy Stone is a rare and odd stone found in the desert of Libya. It appears to be a concretion or a pseudomorph, though it displays a color and outer texture that is reminiscent of Meteorite. (Incidentally, it comes from the same area where Libyan Gold Tektites and some types of Meteorite are found). Its chemical makeup is not known, though oxidation on some specimens indicates the presence of iron. Prophecy Stones were named by the man who discovered them, and he gave them this name because he experienced what he termed ‘a prophetic vision’ while meditating with one of them.

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