Red Aventurine


Product – Red Aventurine Specimen


Keywords:  Discernment, Determination, Strength, Creativity, Sexuality, Alignment with one’s highest path.

Element:  Earth, Fire

Chakras:  Root (1st), Sexual/Creative (2nd), Third Eye (6th)


Red Aventurine is a stone of vitality, creativity, sexuality, mental alertness and manifestation through action. It increases one’s desire to take on and overcome the challenges of life, and it helps one find the determination to persevere in the most difficult situations. It increases the flow of prana, or life force, helping those with low vitality to get things done. Individuals recovering from illness can use it to aid them in rebuilding their physical energies, as well as their confidence. People who have diminished sexual appetites may find renewed excitement when this stone is kept on their person or near their bed. Artists, writers and other who rely upon their creative capacities may discover that Red Aventurine assists them in finding ne inspiration.

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