Trigonic Nirvana Quartz


Product – Trigonic Nirvana Quartz Specimen



A crystal is a Trigonic if it displays an inscribed triangle on one or more of the termination faces, with the point of the triangle pointing ‘downward’, away from the termination. Trigonic Quartz crystals of all types are stones of the liminal threshold between worlds, facilitators of inner transition and transmutation, and are attuned to the future stream. They are among the most powerful of all crystals for spiritual awakening and self-transformation.

Trigonics can occur in Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine or Smoky Quartz. Clear Quartz offers the highest vibration; Amethyst enhances protection; Citrine increases mental clarity and Smoky Quartz aids in grounding. The Trigonic Nirvana Quartz crystals add a deeper, stronger current than any other variety, and they greatly assist in moving one’s primary center of awareness from head to heart.

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