Product – Vesuvianite Specimen


Keywords:   Uniting the heart and the will, enthusiasm for life,  release of negative attachments, the courage to change

Element:  Earth

Chakras:  All


Vesuvianite, also known as idocrase, is a calcium aluminium magnesium silicate mineral with a hardness of 6 to 7. Its crystal system is tetragonal. It can from in short prismatic or pyramidal crystals, as well as in massive, compact, granular or columnar habits. Its color can be green, ourple, red, white, brown or yellow. Its occurs in the igneous rocks nepheline and syenite, as well as in impure limestones. It is found in association with such minerals as calcite, epidote, garnet and diopside. Vesuvianite was discovered on mount Vesuvius in Italy, From Which its name is derived. It has also been found in Quebex, Canada, as well as Lowell, Vermont, and Sanford, Maine, in the USA.

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