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Black tourmaline crystal small beads faceted bracelets


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Metaphysical Properties: These bracelets are crafted from small faceted beads of black tourmaline crystal, renowned for enhancing intuition, promoting relaxation, and supporting dream recall.

Healing Energies: By alleviating stress and aiding in restful sleep, these bracelets offer a conduit for the healing energies of black tourmaline. They also facilitate spiritual awareness, helping wearers to attune to their inner selves.

Spiritual Connection: Deepening meditation and connecting to higher realms, these bracelets serve as a tool for spiritual growth. They can aid wearers in accessing deeper states of consciousness and understanding.

Zodiac Signs: Associated with Pisces and Aquarius, these bracelets resonate particularly well with individuals born under these signs, amplifying their inherent spiritual energies.


1 in stock


Black tourmaline crystal small beads faceted bracelets

Quartzsite Minerals offers exquisite black tourmaline crystal small beads faceted bracelets, each meticulously crafted to accentuate the inherent beauty and energy of this remarkable stone. These bracelets are not just accessories; they serve as conduits for both scientific and metaphysical exploration, promoting healing and spiritual growth.

Scientific Significance:
Black tourmaline, scientifically known as schorl, is a mineral with a complex chemical composition, primarily composed of boron, silicon, and various other elements. Its intricate crystalline structure gives rise to its unique properties, including its remarkable ability to generate electric charge when heated or subjected to pressure, known as piezoelectricity. Moreover, its ability to become electrically polarized when exposed to heat, known as pyroelectricity, adds to its scientific intrigue.

Metaphysical Essence:
In the realm of metaphysics, black tourmaline is revered for its protective qualities. Believed to ward off negative energies and psychic attacks, it acts as a shield, creating a barrier between the wearer and harmful influences. Additionally, it is said to absorb and transmute negative energy into positive, promoting a sense of balance and harmony within oneself and the surrounding environment.

Healing Properties:
The healing properties of black tourmaline extend beyond mere physical ailments; they encompass the holistic well-being of mind, body, and spirit. This stone is thought to cleanse and purify the energetic field, removing blockages and promoting the flow of vital life force energy, known as qi or prana. By grounding excess energy and promoting a sense of stability, it aids in alleviating feelings of anxiety, stress, and negativity. Furthermore, it is believed to stimulate the immune system and enhance vitality, fostering a state of optimal health and vitality.

Spiritual Connection:
Black tourmaline crystal small beads faceted bracelets serve as a potent tool for spiritual growth and enlightenment, facilitating a deeper connection to one’s higher self and the divine. Its grounding properties anchor the spirit to the physical realm, allowing for a more profound exploration of spiritual realms and higher consciousness. By opening and aligning the chakras, especially the root chakra, it promotes feelings of security, belonging, and interconnectedness with the universe.

In conclusion, the Black tourmaline crystal small beads faceted bracelets offered by Quartzsite Minerals are not just adornments but conduits for scientific inquiry, metaphysical exploration, healing, and spiritual evolution. Embodying the intricate interplay between the physical and metaphysical realms, they serve as reminders of the profound interconnectedness of all aspects of existence.


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