Ellensburg Blue


Product – Ellensburg Blue Specimen



Keywords: Eloquent communication of the heart’s truth, soothing the throat chakra, calming the mind, opening psychic vision

Element: Earth, Water

Chakras: Throat (5th), Heart (4th)


Ellensburg Blue Agate is a rare amygdaloidal nodule or geode type Agate found in Kittitas Country near Ellensburg, Washington. It is prized for its color, which ranges from pale sky blue, to a bright cornflower blue, to a deep blue-violet. It was deposited by glacial movements so the true location of its origin is unknown. In history, Ellensburg Blue Agate was held in high esteem by the North-western Native American tribes. In some instances, only the chief was allowed to wear one, and in any case it was essential that at least the chief have one of these Agates. Today Ellensburg Blue Agate is sought after by local residents and visitors to the Ellensburg area, and it commands high prices in jewelry stores.

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