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Evil eyes


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Metaphysical Attributes: Grounding, stability, resilience.
Healing Properties: Nurturing, protective, enhances stability.
Spiritual Affinity: Aligns with Earth’s energy, harmonizes chakras and facilitates spiritual evolution.
Associated Zodiac Signs: Leo, Virgo.


22 in stock



“Evil Eyes” is a fascinating phenomenon in the realm of minerals, capturing attention for its enigmatic allure and diverse interpretations across cultures. Offered by Quartzsite Minerals, these captivating stones invite exploration into both scientific and metaphysical realms, where their unique properties and symbolic significance intertwine.

Scientific Perspective:

From a scientific standpoint, Evil Eyes, also known as “nazar stones,” are often attributed to minerals like quartz, obsidian, or other naturally occurring crystals. These minerals possess distinctive physical properties and compositions that contribute to their mesmerizing appearance. Scientifically, their captivating hues and intricate patterns stem from geological processes such as mineral formation, crystallization, and subsequent environmental factors.

Metaphysical Exploration:

In metaphysical contexts, Evil Eyes hold profound symbolism and significance. Across various cultures and belief systems, they are revered for their reputed ability to ward off negativity and protect against malevolent forces. It’s believed that Evil Eyes possess an inherent energy that deflects negative energies and malicious intentions, serving as a talisman for spiritual protection and well-being. Their captivating gaze is thought to serve as a barrier, shielding individuals from harm and ill-wishes.

Healing Properties: Evil Eyes are often associated with healing properties that extend beyond the physical realm. Advocates of crystal healing believe that these stones possess energies that can promote emotional balance, mental clarity, and spiritual growth. Some practitioners utilize Evil Eyes in meditation practices, harnessing their purported abilities to dispel negative thoughts, release emotional baggage, and cultivate a sense of inner peace and harmony. Whether worn as jewelry, placed in living spaces, or incorporated into rituals, these stones are believed to facilitate holistic healing and energetic alignment.

Spiritual Significance:

In spiritual contexts, Evil Eyes are regarded as potent symbols of divine protection and spiritual guidance. Across cultures, they are incorporated into various rituals and ceremonies as a means of invoking blessings, warding off evil, and fostering spiritual connection. From ancient civilizations to modern-day spiritual practices, the gaze of the Evil Eye serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of the spiritual and material worlds, offering solace and reassurance to those who seek guidance and protection on their spiritual journey.

In conclusion, Evil Eyes from Quartzsite Minerals encapsulate a captivating blend of scientific intrigue and metaphysical mystique. Whether admired for their geological beauty, revered for their symbolic significance, or utilized for their purported healing properties, these stones continue to fascinate and inspire individuals on their quest for understanding, protection, and spiritual growth.

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