Lemurian Jade


Product – Lemurian Jade Specimen


Keywords:  Connection with Earth consciousness, Living a spiritually based physical life, Initiation and transition, Connecting with the feminine Divine

Element: Earth

Chakras:  Heart (4th), Root (1st)


Lemurian Jade is the metaphysical name given to a material mined in Peru which contains a mixture of Jade, Quartz, Pyrite and other minerals. Its hardness is about 6, and it could be considered an aggregate mineral. It occurs only in massive form. Lemurian Jade comes in two distinct colors-grayish green and black. The black material sometimes contains visible flecks of Pyrite. These two types of Lemurian Jade appear so different that some practitioners distinguish them by calling the grayish green stones Shadow Lemurian Jade and the black stones Midnight Lemurian Jade.

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