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Metaphysical Properties: Grounding, stability, and strength are associated with the red tiger eyes bracelets, featuring small beads.

Healing Energies: These bracelets nurture and protect, promoting stability and well-being.

Spiritual Connection: They connect to Earth’s energy, balance chakras, and facilitate spiritual growth. Suitable for Leo and Virgo zodiac signs.


10 in stock



Carnelian and Red Tiger Eye bracelets are not only fashionable accessories but also carry significant spiritual and healing properties. These bracelets, adorned with vibrant red and orange hues, have been cherished throughout history for their aesthetic appeal and metaphysical attributes. From ancient civilizations to modern-day practitioners, individuals have sought the unique energies and benefits these gemstones offer.

Scientific Aspects:

Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony, a mineral belonging to the quartz family. Its characteristic red-orange coloration is due to the presence of iron oxide impurities. Red Tiger Eye, on the other hand, is a type of quartz with rich red and brown bands running through it. These bands are formed through a process called pseudomorphism, where the original mineral’s structure is replaced by another mineral over time.

Metaphysical Significance:

Both Carnelian and Red Tiger Eye are revered for their metaphysical properties. Carnelian is associated with vitality, creativity, and courage. It is believed to stimulate the sacral chakra, enhancing one’s passion and drive while dispelling lethargy and negativity. Red Tiger Eye, known as a stone of motivation and confidence, is thought to promote a sense of inner strength and stability. It is often used to balance the lower chakras, grounding the wearer’s energy and fostering a sense of security.

Healing Properties:

In terms of healing, Carnelian is esteemed for its ability to boost physical vitality and endurance. It is said to improve circulation, alleviate menstrual cramps, and enhance overall well-being. Red Tiger Eye is also valued for its healing properties, particularly in addressing issues related to the lower body, such as lower back pain and reproductive system disorders. Additionally, both stones are believed to aid in overcoming fear and anxiety, promoting a sense of calm and resilience.

Spiritual Influence:

Spiritually, Carnelian and Red Tiger Eye are revered for their ability to deepen one’s connection to the Earth and the universe. They are often used in meditation practices to promote grounding and centering, allowing individuals to access higher states of consciousness with clarity and focus. These stones are also associated with the element of fire, symbolizing transformation, passion, and divine energy.

In conclusion, Carnelian and Red Tiger Eye bracelets are not only aesthetically pleasing accessories but also powerful tools for spiritual growth, healing, and self-discovery. Whether worn for their vibrant beauty or sought after for their profound metaphysical properties, these gemstones continue to captivate and inspire individuals on their journey towards holistic well-being.

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