Ruby Specimen

Product – Hunza Natural Ruby
Keywords:  Life force, courage, passion, strength, enthusiasm, adventurousness, protectiveness
Element:  Earth
Chakras: Root (1st)




Ruby Specimen

Introducing our captivating Ruby Specimen, a radiant gemstone meticulously curated by Quartzsite Minerals. Renowned for its rich red hues and exquisite beauty, Ruby has fascinated and captivated gemstone enthusiasts for centuries. Our Ruby Specimen showcases the allure and brilliance of this precious gem, making it a standout addition to any gemstone collection.


Ruby is a red variety of the mineral corundum, which is an aluminum oxide (Al2O3) with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. It belongs to the hexagonal (trigonal) crystal system and forms in various crystal habits, including prismatic, tabular, bipyramidal, or rhombohedral. Ruby can also occur in granular or massive forms. Prior to 1800, red spinels and garnets were often mistaken for rubies until the distinction was made. The vibrant red color of rubies is attributed to the presence of chromium. Some rubies may exhibit asterism, a star-like phenomenon caused by inclusions of titanium oxide that diffract light, creating a six-pointed star effect. Ruby deposits can be found in Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, India, Brazil, and the United States.


Ruby is highly regarded for its spiritual significance and associations with vitality, passion, and courage. It is often considered a stone of the heart and is associated with love, devotion, and deep emotional connection. Ruby is believed to stimulate the heart chakra, enhancing one’s capacity to give and receive love, as well as promoting self-love and compassion. It is associated with inner strength, enthusiasm, and the pursuit of one’s passions. Ruby is also thought to protect against negative energies and promote a sense of vitality, zest for life, and overall well-being.


Ruby is known for its healing properties, particularly in matters of the heart and blood circulation. It is believed to strengthen the heart, improve blood circulation, and support cardiovascular health. Ruby is thought to energize the body and enhance vitality, stimulating the flow of life force energy (chi) throughout the system. It is also believed to aid in overcoming exhaustion, boosting stamina, and promoting overall physical vitality. Additionally, ruby is used to stimulate the root chakra, providing grounding and stability.


Metaphysically, ruby is considered a powerful stone of manifestation and abundance. It is believed to amplify one’s intentions and assist in attracting wealth, success, and prosperity. Ruby is also associated with the fiery energy of the sun and is believed to enhance one’s personal power, confidence, and creativity. It can help ignite passion and enthusiasm for life’s pursuits, inspiring motivation and courage to overcome obstacles. Ruby is often used in spiritual practices to stimulate the flow of Kundalini energy and activate higher levels of spiritual awareness.

Ruby’s scientific properties, combined with its spiritual, healing, and metaphysical qualities, have made it a highly prized gemstone throughout history. Its association with love, vitality, and manifestation make it a symbol of strength, passion, and abundance. Whether worn as jewelry or used in spiritual practices, ruby is revered for its profound impact on the mind, body, and spirit.

Note: The metaphysical properties described are based on beliefs and should not replace medical advice.

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