Tiger Eye Specimen

Product – Tiger Eye Specimen
Keywords: Balance between extremes, discernment, Vitality, strength, practicality, fairness
Element: Fire, Earth
Chakras: Solar Plexus (3rd), Sexual/Creative (2nd), Root (1st)



Tiger Eye Specimen is a gemstone that exhibits variations in color and appearance. The different types of Tiger Eye are categorized based on their distinct color variations. Here are some common types of Tiger Eye:

  1. Golden Tiger Eye: This is the most well-known and widely available type of Tiger Eye Specimen. It displays a golden-brown color with a silky luster and captivating chatoyancy.
  2. Blue Tiger Eye (Hawk’s Eye): Blue Tiger Eye, also known as Hawk’s Eye, exhibits a deep blue to bluish-gray color. It shares the same fibrous structure as Tiger Eye but lacks the golden hues.
  3. Red Tiger Eye: Red Tiger Eye is characterized by its rich reddish-brown color. It showcases a vibrant chatoyancy and is known for its grounding and stimulating properties.
  4. Tiger Iron: Tiger Iron is a combination stone that consists of Tiger Eye, Hematite, and Red Jasper. It displays a mix of brown, black, and red colors. Tiger Iron is valued for its strength, grounding energy, and protective qualities.

Healing Properties of Tiger Eye:

  1. Protection and Grounding: Tiger Eye is believed to provide a protective shield against negative energies and psychic attacks. It helps to create a sense of stability, grounding, and security.
  2. Confidence and Courage: Tiger Eye is associated with boosting self-confidence, courage, and personal power. It assists in overcoming fears, taking action, and embracing new challenges.
  3. Balance and Harmony: Tiger Eye promotes balance and harmony within oneself and in relationships. It aids in finding equilibrium between yin and yang energies, fostering emotional stability, and enhancing communication.
  4. Focus and Clarity: Tiger Eye is thought to improve mental clarity, concentration, and focus. It supports decision-making, and problem-solving, and enhances one’s ability to analyze situations objectively.
  5. Prosperity and Abundance: Tiger Eye is associated with attracting abundance, wealth, and success. It is believed to stimulate the manifestation of goals and provide the motivation needed to achieve financial stability.
  6. Emotional Healing: Tiger Eye assists in releasing blocked emotions and promoting emotional healing. It can help alleviate feelings of anxiety, depression, and self-doubt, encouraging a more optimistic and balanced outlook.

Please note that the healing properties mentioned are based on beliefs and anecdotal experiences. Gemstone therapy is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. If you have health concerns, it is always recommended to consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner.

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